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Welcome to the town of Abandonware, and to my shoppe.

     Greetings, I am the proprietor of this shoppe. I hope this day finds you in good spirits.

     Before getting on to the inventory, I would like a moment of your time. There is something that I have to say about this establishment that you have wandered upon. Please be advised of the following information:
     This site is NOT A "WAREZ" SITE. This web page is about something totally different than "warez." I am the proud proprietor of a shoppe which deals in ONLY that which cannot be obtained by purchase anywhere. The manufacturers of most of the items found in this shoppe have been contacted, and purchase of their product has been requested, but they do not sell the product any longer. Any others who have not been contacted have been unreachable by means of telephone, mail, or e-mail.
     I am announcing this for several reasons. First, some of you out there who happen to come upon this shoppe may be of the conscious-minded, and want to know that they are not doing anything illegal by grabbing a morsel or two from this shoppe. Some of you may be from organizations such as the SPA. Or you could be from the company that is currently hosting this web site. I am informing all of you collectively: There is no illegal material here.

Below is my inventory list. I am always looking out for new wares, and so if you do not find anything that pleases your eye today, I invite you to check back on the morrow. All of the wares are packaged in a "zip" encasement which has been sealed with a spell from the faeries. They can be easily extracted from their encasement with a tool called "Winzip" or, for the more traditional-minded, by encanting a simple "pkunzip" spell.

     A little bit about my inventory list. I have provided a few fields of description for your perusal. Please note that I have not included a "difficulty" category, and this is because I believe that difficulty is, 1: dependent upon the player, and 2: a state of mind.

Name Classes Description Rating
[* - *****]
Hugo's House of Horrors Graphics; Mystery; Keyboard control + text-input You play the character Hugo in this mystery. You have to search a house for clues, interact with some other characters, and save the damsel in distress. Story:**
Comments There were a few others in the Hugo series, although I never played any of the others. Side note: you are able to edit one of the data files in an ascii editor, where you find the answers to one of the puzzles in the game.
Rogue ACII Graphics; Roguelike; keyboard control You play the adventurer wandering around the dungeons killing monsters, collecting spells, potions, weapons and armor. Story:*
Comments This game, although not all that incredible itself, was the pioneer for a whole genre of games, hence the category "Roguelike". Following in its tradition came some of the best, and still-played games of this type, including Moria which was made for UNIX, and all its Angband successors.
McMurphy's Mansion Minimal ACII Graphics; Text-adventure; Text-input Your uncle McMurphy left his fortune to you, but you have to go on a treasure hunt in and around his house in order to get it. Story:***
Comments I found this game very enjoyable. It is a little tricky at some points, and I believe that the author put in what I term a "Need Hint Trap" - that is, a particular action in the game that will be required, but is way too obscure to figure out. I think some authors put these in so that the player will have to call the hint line or order the clue book. I think this game has one, but I won't tell you where! (unless you e-mail me, that is)
Prince of Persia
I am still checking up on the rights for this one.
Graphics; Side-scrolling adventure; Keyboard control You have to make your way through various levels of castle and dungeon to reach the damsel in distress. Story:**
Comments A nice arcade-style game, yet with a story to give it some substance. It actually gets difficult.
Aargh! Graphics; Scenic action; Keyboard, mouse, or joystick control Set in some kind of pre-historic era, you play either a giant lizard or an ogre (or two people can play together) and you basically run from town to town destroying huts, statues, and other assorted objects, and munching on villagers and picking up treasures. Story:*
Comments I found this game rather disturbing considering its time of release (actually, I don't even remember when that was, nor who released it). These days I expect some serious carnage in order to capture my attention, but the pixelated rendition of beasts roaming the countryside eating tribesmen just seems a little macabre. It is enjoyable, but hard to control with any accuracy. I never had the patience to play it to the end.

Take a trip down Memory Avenue... or, is it... Memory Street? Wait, that's not right... Memory Road.. ah, whatever.
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