11/22/98 Added notification of legality. Probably will be ignored by policy-going beurocrats. They don't have time to give individual attention to every individual circumstance, because they have to make their money. In order to do that, they have to make blankey policies to protect their good name. They are only protecting their good name to the people who pay them the money, of course, but then again, those are the only people who count. So, in the even that the page is taken down from its current host, you bet I will have it back up. Just always use the http://travel.to/Abandonville address, and you'll always find your way here.
Added Aargh! to the inventory.
Removed Quest for Glory (1: So You Want To Be A Hero) from the wishlist. Got it!
Added counter, and got added to the Ring Central (thank you guys!)
Finished up the style of the inventory table. Played a little with the borders. Discovered that the Hugo zip file accidentally contains the Rogue contents. I have no idea how that happened. Oh well, I will upload the proper file whence I get a chance.